AAG specializes in sublimation printed garments. We apply this high tech printing process to performance microfiber fabrics. Sublimation ink is the most advanced, environment-friendly, printing process for apparel. During the printing process the special lead-free ink actually converts from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid form,  penetrates the surface of the fabric and fusing itself into the fibers make the garment completely fade proof. The colors will remain bright and last the life of the garment. True photograph quality printing. We have the largest capacity of sublimation printing for apparel in Asia.


In addition to sublimation printing, AAG also has a high capacity for screen printing. Your logo can also be applied in a variety of ways including; High Density Print, Direct Injection Logos, TRP Logos, Woven Labels, Appliqué Logos, Heat Transfer Logos, Embroidery, and Hot Stamp Foil Logos.
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