Years of experience has lead AAG to develop the best manufacturing capabilities in sports apparel production. We have the capacity to produce 300,000 pieces of knitwear per month. We can tailor our production facilities to fit your requirements. Whether your company is large or small we have the scale to produce your products.

Once you have approved the final pre-production samples and issued your purchase order requirements we begin by preparing all the raw materials for production. The printing process is next, if required for your product, and then we move to the cutting room. Once all the cut fabric panels and trims are prepared we move to the production line for assembly.

During every step of the process the materials as well as the construction of the garment are quality control inspected before, during and after final assembly. We have inspection equipment for the sublimation paper, for the printed fabric. We have line inspectors on each production line for each step of assembly. We have final inspection before packaging. After packaging we have broken needle x-ray inspection before the garments are packed in the shipping cartons. Quality control is our highest priority.
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